This is a ladies bible study group where the gaggle watch and chatter about the tv series ‘the Chosen’. Have a laugh, ponder God's word and enjoy the artists creative licenses with different biblical characters. Just bring yourself and a good sense of humor.

If you have any questions for the group leader, Sheryn, please contact her with the form below.

When: Typically, 3rd Wednesday of the month, though this is prone to change due to kids birthdays and so on! Read the weekly e-news letter for any date changes. 

Where: Usually at one of the members homes. We have a few ladies who are gifted at hosting.


Our small groups frequently have minor changes (especially when a lockdown occurs!) as to when they are running or what they are doing. For the latest information on small groups subscribe to the Warragul Anglican Weekly E-News.

Questions & Answers

The group is currently watching the tv series 'the Chosen'. This show covers the events prior and during Jesus' ministry. The group then completes a facilitated discussion of the show afterwards, where in they talk about the character portrayals and show themes.

Just yourself and a great sense of humor. Tea and nibblies are enjoyed, so if you're feeling brave, bring a plate!

The group usually communicates updates with Facebook Messenger. Talk to the group leader to arrange an invitation on Facebook. 

E-mail the group leader

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