WAC Community groups are groups of 10-20 people from our church that commit to meet regularly for a time, to journey in faith together. Meetings usually take place in people’s homes, although some groups may meet at church, in a café,  park or elsewhere, depending on the preferences of the group.  

Most groups will study the Bible together for part of their meeting, talk about how it applies to their lives, share about their lives over food, supper or a cuppa, pray for one another and sometimes focus on worship and doing things together.

In our community groups we ‘do the Christian life together’, we support one another and we take up Christ’s challenge to be witnesses to the world of his salvation.        

At WAC, we encourage everyone to be in a group because our community groups are a great place to learn more about the Christian life, and to get on with doing it, supported by others who share the same goal. Our groups have a consistent core group of members but are also inclusive and open to inviting others in. Some groups are full of people in the same age and stage, and others are diverse- depending on the focus of the group.  For the latest information on small groups subscribe to the Warragul Anglican Weekly E-News.