As the children begin their educational journey through kindergarten and school, the children are introduced to the Bible. As a group they listen and read a chosen story, complete a craft activity, and sing and dance to fun related songs. Games and craft help the children to remember and engage with the theme. Our experienced team select suitable material and engaging activities for the children to help them become familiar with the biblical stories. 

This group is part of the Warragul Anglican Salt club. 

Salt Club for Children

SALT Club is an integral part of the children ministry at Warragul Anglican Church. SALT aims to Serve, Act, Live, Testify.  SALT club’s mission is to help our children know God, understand the Bible, pray and witness to others about Jesus. Children also develop lasting relationships with their peers, helping them to feel secure and connected within the church.  SALT club runs throughout School Terms, where the children are invited to participate in the program whilst the family service (9:45am) is running.