Volunteering is a great way to grow in Christ, strengthen your connection to community and challenge yourself. 

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We serve God by serving others and this helps us all to flourish and brings God glory. Are you willing to use your time and talents to serve God by serving people here at church?

There are many ways to serve God here at our church. Below you will find a list of areas where we need volunteers on our service teams. There is also a comment field at the bottom where you can let us know any area not listed where you are interested in making a contribution.

Planning Centre

Warragul Anglican Church uses planning centre for volunteer coordination. It's a simple way to keep your finger on the pulse and let us know any holiday periods you have.

Questions About Serving

Here are some frequently asked questions about serving.

Planning center has you covered. You control how frequently it schedules you. You can set it from 'as often as needed' right up to 'once every 6 weeks'.

No worries, you can either accept or decline any service request. 

We've all had to change our schedules when things pop up, so we understand! You can decline a role at any time and another volunteer will step in to save the day :)

Safe Ministry
Our Commitment to Safe Service

Warragul Anglican Church works with a variety of vulnerable people in the community. For the protection of the vulnerable in our church, some volunteer roles require screening. To be screened, please fill out this 'Application for appointment as a Voluntary Church Worker' below and follow its instructions. The friendly staff at Kooyoora will be happy to help you through the screening process. 

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We welcome all questions, queries, comments and feedback!

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