“Home” Groups

Young man and woman enjoying group discussion

Small group:  Discipleship.  Wondering what comes after believing?  Join Rev. Philip Muston to discuss what it means to follow Jesus day by day.  Wednesday evenings, from 7.45pm, at St Paul’s, 96 Victoria St Warragul.

*Small group:  Learning to be Peacemakers.

Small ‘home groups’ of three to twelve people meet weekly or fortnightly in different members’ homes around the Warragul district. The emphasis is on fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  People are welcome to join a home group at any time, there’s no need to wait for a new series to start.

To ask about what other groups are available, where, when and how often they meet, please call the Church Office on 03 5622 3503 or email:
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Why join a small group?

 1. You will understand the Bible better in a small group.

Young women studying Bible togetherIf you’ve ever listened to a Bible teacher or preacher and wanted to stop them and say, “But what about…?” or “I don’t understand,” then a small group is for you!  In a small group setting, you can ask questions, participate in discussion of the text, and hear others’ insights and explanations. Listening to the Bible explained and applied in sermons and talks is good – but grappling with how a particular truth applies in your situation may happen more easily in discussion with a small group.

2. You will grow good relationships with other Christians.

Teens talking and laughing together

Many people who have been a part of a small group say what they value most is the close relationships and friendships that develop. In a small group you discover that your needs and problems aren’t unique, and it helps to know that others are facing the same difficulties, or have lived through them and developed a deeper understanding and experience of God in the process. God never meant us to go it alone in the Christian life.  We really do need each other.

3. Prayer will become more meaningful to you.

 Young man and women talking in lounge roomMany people don’t feel comfortable praying in front of other people, especially in a public meeting or a large group. In a small group of 6 to 12, it’s easier to have a conversation together with God.  No one is required to pray, but as you get to know the other group members well, you’ll grow comfortable enough to join in. Jesus promises that where two or three are gathered together, he is present with them.  Praying together regularly with people you grow to know well, you’ll witness God’s answers and his activity in each others’ lives.

4. Small groups provide practical care

Older people talking in lounge roomSmall group members are able to look after each other – pray for each other, stay in touch during the week, share good times and tough ones – better than the wider church.  Within our small groups, members help each other to move house, deal with illness or relationship difficulties, cope in times of unemployment and financial pressure, new babies, career changes, big decisions, and every life situation.  Many people in our church could testify that they would not have made it through a difficult time if it hadn’t been for the support of their home group.

5. Small groups are a good place to discover faith

close of up open Bible

Small groups can be a good way to explore Christian belief if you (or someone you know) don’t feel comfortable going to church.  In a small group, you can ask questions and express honest doubts;  the setting is informal and usually the schedule is flexible, so there’s opportunity to explore issues that arise.


6. You will grow, as a follower of Jesus

Woman praising as looks at the oceanMany believers mistakenly believe that worship is what happens on Sunday morning in a large group with a sermon, group singing, uncomfortable seats and stained glass windows!  But really worship is treating God as God, living as a Christian day by day.  In your small group you’ll learn how to worship the Lord Jesus with all of your life;  you will grow to know God better, to love him as he deserves, and to love and care for his people.