Group of five smiling young people on a bench

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WAC Youth ministry is all about relationships – relationships between us and God, relationships between us and our peers, relationships between us and the rest of the church, relationships between our church and our community.

Being a teen at our church means being fully part of our church family, and teens have got lots to offer, while we’re learning more about God, and growing in our relationship with him:  in fact, we’re just like everyone else.

On Sunday mornings, most of the youth turn up at church with family or friends, and participate fully in the services.  Lots of teens are involved in music during the service, playing drums, guitar, piano, cornet, or leading the singing.  Others help out on the P.A. or data projector, reading the Bible, serving morning tea, or with the children’s program, ‘SALT Club’.

Once a month, our almost-youth meet for some fun and invite their friends along – we play games, go searching for pizza toppings on a (carefully planned) scavenger hunt, toast marshmellows around a bonfire, watch a movie or go camping together.

We’d love to welcome you to WAC!

For more info., please call or txt our youth minister, Katie Peken, on 0428 724 072.