Warragul Regional College Chaplain

Today we welcome Rebekah Campbell to St. Paul’s to preach at both our services. Rebekah is the chaplain at Warragul Regional College. She started earlier this year and is settling into her new role quite well from what I have been hearing.

We at St. Paul’s support the Chaplaincy at the college financially as well as in other ways. It is appropriate that we take some time to hear from her about her work; what she does and where she sees her ministry at the college developing. Links with missionaries are important. Although not overseas, Bec is nevertheless a missionary and needs our prayers and support. Here is an opportunity for us to encourage and support her in her work.


Our Thanksgiving Sunday last week went off well. I believe that we have already received $15,000 to help with the renovation of the Rectory. Thank you for your generosity. There is a lot to be done at the rectory and this will go a long way to offsetting the loan that we have applied for from the Diocesan Rolling Fund. It is not too late to contribute if you have not yet done so. Information on how to give was outlined in the letter you received. If you have misplaced it or did not receive one, please contact the office. This is an important appeal as would like to make the rectory as comfortable for Tracy as possible.

Note that we have two working bees planned at the Rectory. The first one is on Wednesday 3rd October at 9:00am. This is to pull up carpets and other things so the floorboards can be polished. The second working bee is on Saturday 6th October at 9:00am to tidy the gardens and any other work needed to make the place welcoming. Many hands make light work, so all are welcome. Please bring any tools you think may be needed for this work.

-Tony Wicking

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