Putting it into practice.

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Theory is all well and good. It sounds great, I can assent to it and
sometimes become enthused. However, the hard part is putting it into
practice. For three weeks now Paul has been giving us the theory or
principles behind Church. In summary it is about our identity, who we are in
Christ. He has spoken about our blessings, being one in Christ and the power
we have as believers. Over the next few weeks we will see how we implement
this in our lives as individuals and our life as a church.

Last week he finished on a high saying that God can do immeasurably more
than we ask or imagine, according to the power within us. This week he calls
us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received (4:1). This
essentially is to live in the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace
(4:3). Paul mentions humility, gentleness, patience and forbearance as the
means to do this. Sometimes churches do not do this well. I’ve seen quarrels
between members, others wanting to impose their will, some will not talk to
others because of a perceived or actual slight against them. The list can go
on. If the truth be told, I too have done some of these things.

Yet we are being called to live in the unity of the Spirit. It takes work.
It involves risk and hurt. It means putting aside our needs and wanting what
is best for the “other”. This is indeed a high calling. When we at church
can live in unity with one another, show love to one another then people
will take notice. We can become an effective witness to God.

Tony Wicking

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