Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

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The New Testament readings over the coming weeks are from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.  This is a wonderful letter that gives us a vision of what the church is and how it is to operate.  It also speaks about the richness we, as the church community and individually have from God through Christ.  It seems an opportune time to look at what it means to be church and to perhaps dream or cast a vision for what it might mean for us.  It will of necessity be a brief look because there is a richness and depth in this letter that would take time to plumb and because some passages are missed in the readings set for the day.

Today’s reading draws our attention to our identity as a church and the spiritual blessings we have from God.  It is necessarily Trinitarian in.  Each person of the Trinity has their part to play in the blessings we have from God.  The Father planned for us to be with him.  The Son executes the Father’s plan through his death and all that that means.  Finally the Holy Spirit personalises the plan by helping us to understand the gospel.


As we study this letter together over the coming weeks I encourage you to read through it at least once a week so that you can be familiar with its structure and the richness it brings us through Christ.

- Tony Wicking

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