“The Case for Christ”

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During the week I happened upon a testimony by Lee Stroebel briefly
explaining how he became a Christian. Some of you may be familiar with his
books. His first was titled “The Case for Christ” in which he outlines in
depth the reasons why we need to believe in the historicity of the
resurrection. For us, who are Christians, this is a no brainer. Of course we
believe the resurrection. As Paul says it is the resurrection that is the
link pin, the foundation, the cornerstone of our faith.
“If Christ has not been raised then our preaching is useless and so is our
faith” (1Cor 15:14).

Yet, we often need more than faith. If we just had faith then we could
believe in a whole range of things that really have no substance. Faith also
needs to be grounded in truth. We have faith that when we flick the switch
we get light. We have faith because we have the experience and basically
understand that electricity flows through wires which gives us light. We may
not understand it, but we know it’s truth and that it happens. We are
disappointed when there is a fault and it doesn’t happen.

Jesus’ resurrection is similar. We know it to be true because we have eye
witness accounts which are recorded in the gospels, other parts of the New
Testament and even outside these sources. There has been no real evidence
suggesting that Jesus did not rise. Science will also suggest that the
resurrection could not be a made up event because too much happened too
quickly for it to be otherwise.

So what does this mean for us? In spite of many today thinking we are
foolish, or even mad, to believe in a resurrection we in fact can be assured
that we do have a sure ground for faith. This gives us confidence to boldly
proclaim the resurrection, the assurance of sin forgiven and the promise of
eternal life.

(Stroebel’s book “The Case for Christ” has been made into a film. I have a
copy. If enough people are interested I am happy to show it at the church in
the coming weeks).

Tony Wicking

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