Do you meet with Jesus?

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In today’s Old Testament reading (Exodus 24:12-18) the Lord invites Moses to ascend his holy mountain for a meeting within a cloud. Moses stayed there for seven days until eventually God speaks to him from within the cloud. The people listening to Moses, remain at a distance because of their fear of the
Lord. Then Moses and Joshua go up onto the lower parts of the holy mountain. Finally Moses goes further into a cloud alone and experiences the glory of
the Lord.

The message given to the disciples on another mountain at the
transfiguration is one for all Christians, for all time (Matthew 17: 1-9).
The voice of the living God himself says: “This is my beloved Son: with him
I am well pleased; listen to him.” The disciples were shown a glimpse of the
true identity of Jesus- the Messiah, the Son of God- a glimpse of his glory,
and they were told to listen to him. We too hope to share in God’s glory
when we pass on from this world to rest with Jesus in the Father’s presence,
awaiting our resurrection to new life in a gloriously recreated world . Our
citizenship is in heaven and we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord
Jesus Christ,  By the power that enables Jesus to bring everything under his
control, our lowly bodies will one day become like his glorious body.

Although Peter’s experience on the Mount of transfiguration was wonderful,
experiences are not a substitute for the unchanging Word of God. Peter urged
the believers to hold to the Word of God and grow spiritually in order to
identify and shun false teachers (2 Peter 1: 16-21). Ongoing spiritual
growth is an essential part of our personal journey as a follower of Jesus.
Our journey begins with faith and shows itself in our love for God and

- Philip Muston

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