Has Jesus called you to follow him?

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Jesus is recognised by John the Baptiser as ‘the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world’. (John 1: 29-36) The Baptiser reveals that Jesus will baptise people in Holy Spirit (power and love), whereas he, John had only
baptized them in water. In this account Jesus’ first followers are those who had been disciples of John first. But they believe John’s witness and head off with Jesus. One of them, Andrew, tells his brother, Simon, that they have ‘found the Messiah’, and brings him to Jesus. Jesus looks at him intently and gives him a new name – Peter, meaning Rock.  In a sense when we follow Jesus we gain a new identity, whether or not we actually mark it with a new name. Heading up to Galilee, Jesus finds Philip and says simply ’Follow me!’. Then he finds Nathaniel, and calls him as well.  Has Jesus
called you to follow him?

- Philip Muston

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