Shepherds at Christmas.

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The Christmas message, as told in Luke’s gospel, Chapter 2,  is essentially a story of love. Not romantic love, as in ‘Love Actually’, and not love just for our nearest and dearest, but the great love of God for all humankind, including all those we are unlikely to consider or take into account in planning our Christmas dinners.  It’s a message of ‘Immanuel’ – ‘God with us’. He was back then and He is now!

To accentuate this God had his Messiah born to a poor couple under political pressure; born in an animal shelter and wrapped in rags to be placed in a feeding trough; announced in the first instance to people of the lowest possible status in that day – a group of field-soiled, smelly shepherds. The angels in heaven rejoice with the despised ones on earth at the arrival of
the Christ who came to rescue not the self-righteous but the poor and outcast.

-Philip Muston

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