What if everyone lived by God's rules?

© Peleanor | Dreamstime.com

Let’s imagine for just a minute that everyone lived by the Ten Commandments – God’s “big ten” rules.

For a start, you’d never need to lock your car.  No need to bother with keys, steering locks, or satellite trackers.  No need to lock your house, your gate, or your shed. You could leave your phone, wallet, watch and expensive sunnies in a pile by the pool, with no-one minding them for you – and know they’d still be there when you came back.

You’d never need to worry that your partner was cheating on you – because he or she wouldn’t be.  Or that someone else was chatting them up – because you’d know for sure that it was perfectly innocent.

You could safely walk down dark streets at night – well, you might trip over something of course, but if there was anyone loitering there, they’d give you a hand up, not mug you.

You could let your kids walk alone to school, or the park, or the neighbours’ place, and be sure no-one would hurt them.

If you got a promotion or won the jackpot or inherited a boat or bought a Porsche, other people wouldn’t be jealous.  They’d be genuinely pleased for you – even the people who missed out on the same promotion!

Parents could be certain that your kids will keep loving you – even though you make mistakes!  No need to worry about your old age, because they’ll be there, looking after your best interests.

Then there are the rules about treating God like God, and not treating something or someone else as if they were God. Well, if God is God, and did make you, and the universe, that seems reasonable enough.

I suppose there could be a down side.  Policemen would be out of a job.  There’d be no security guards, no correctional facilities.  Probably there’d be fewer lawyers, social workers, and charities too.

And of course there are all those fun things that you wouldn’t be allowed to do – like disrespect your own parents, hate people, be jealous of them, steal from them, bully them, murder them, and cheat on your partner (or someone else’s).  God’s rules are so unfair, aren’t they?

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