‘mainly music’ Draws the Crowds

‘Mainly music’ really does go from strength to strength. The dedicated team members continue to draw in new people. Families are now asked to commit to a whole term rather than on a week by week basis.

The weekly programme consists of a range of musical activities using toys, instruments and movement to engage the children. Each week a story is read or told, and that often has a specific Christian message.

This term in mainly music we are continuing with rhyme and rhythm to help the children develop their understanding of the beat, the basis upon which all music is built. We also use our rhymes to encourage positive physical touch between parents and children. Hugh is particularly resilient to active participation but loves it when I turn him into a “tum tum drum”. Also this term our Think Spots are a time when we can introduce some of our mainly music support team. Each week I read a short introduction about one of our helpers and share with the group a pearl of wisdom from them.

Jill Dixon shared in the first week. She stated that it is never too late to say yes to God. Last week Bev Foster shared her foolproof three-ingredient muffins: equal parts self raising flour, milk, and cheese. Next week we’ll hear from Katie Peken.

This year we are celebrating Fathers’ Day with a special mainly music event. It is on Saturday the 27th of August at 5pm at the Warragul Anglican Church, and it is a pie night.

Firstly there will be a music session as per usual then we supply a dinner of pies, people can bring a dessert or plate of nibblies to share if they wish. This exciting event has no cost.

Everyone is welcome, church families and past mainly music families especially. There is no formal RSVP: just show up on the night.

Leigh-Anne McKinley, Mainly Music leader:  August 2011