Jesus: His key message

Matt Botsford | unsplash

There’s a truckload of books out there in the Christian marketplace that
explain what it means to follow Jesus.  That’s a good thing, but really,
wouldn’t the best thing be to go to Jesus himself to try and understand
these things? And we can! This Sunday we start a new sermon series at St
Paul’s. Its on the book of Matthew, which is the largest Gospel and contains
six large slabs of Jesus’ teaching on life, faith, the kingdom, Christian
values, happiness, mission and more. We start this Sunday looking at what
Jesus’ key message was, something we capture with the shorthand words: ’the
gospel’. Christians use the phrase ‘the gospel’ so often we can forget what
it means. Lets explore Jesus’ key gospel message about the Kingdom of God
and how he taught people to enter into it.  Jesus’ message had the power to
change lives and it still has the power to change ours further, no matter if
we’re new believers or have been Christians for decades

Tracy Lauersen