Lenten Study Series

A series of studies based on the Gospel of John, and exploring the contrast between law – which is what many people mistakenly believe Christianity is all about – and grace – the gift of love, forgiveness and welcome that we haven’t earned, but which God freely offers.  All are welcome – come along and find out what makes Good Friday so good!  Meeting at 7:15 pm on Sunday evenings, Dan & Kerrie Armstrong’s.  For more information, call the church office.

An excerpt from the series:

“I know a woman who lives by grace. When she sees a beggar in the streets, she does not have a discussion with herself about whether it is encouraging wrong behaviour to give to beggars, of whether the beggar will spend the money on the wrong things.  She does not ignore him because he is dirty or smells, or is an embarrassment to the good name of the city in whose streets he sits and begs.  She does not wonder what others might think of her if she bothers to stop and take notice of the beggar they seek to ignore or wish would go away.  Such thoughts are the thoughts of those who are governed by law and correctness.

What she does is to stop and sit in the gutter with him.  She finds out his name and discovers what he might need.  It may be nothing more than a toothbrush or a sandwich.  Then she goes and buys it for him and sits with him again.  She spends time with him and greets him by name when she sees him again.

She is entirely unselfconscious about this.  She is remarkable because she is growing in grace and truth.  In every other way she is probably in most others’ eyes entirely unremarkable.”