We all have something to give.

© Viacheslav Iacobchuk | dreamstime.com

Today’s gospel passage is an appropriate one as you prepare to begin a new
stage in the life of this parish. It is easy to see Jesus’ response to the
rich young ruler as one to which we could put aside. We are not rich so we
don’t need to sell everything. To think this way is to miss the point.

The young ruler came to Jesus aware that something was missing in his life.
He had been doing all the right things but still felt dissatisfied. He
recognised Jesus would give him the answer to his dissatisfaction. Jesus’
response surprised him. Jesus wanted him initially to “do” the right things.
Having acknowledged that he had been it was then a matter of  handing
everything over and trusting God. This message has not changed. God wants us
to give him all we have.

We all have something to give. Like the widow, it may not be much. Some of
us may have a little more to give. What we have to give may change over our
life. When we are young it may be energy and enthusiasm. Over time, this may
change according to age, fitness, physical ability and income. But we are
reminded that whatever we have to give will cost us. The young ruler was not
prepared to pay the price.

We all have a vision for the church in general, and this church in
particular. We come to Jesus to seek what it is. We must then ask ourselves
what am I willing to give to make it happen.

Tony Wicking